Church is so much more than a simple Sunday service; it is a family which aims to make disciples.

People often meet up for meals on an informal basis, and we have a variety of more formal ministries at All Nations as well.


We have a church service each Sunday morning at 10am and an afternoon service at 4.30pm in our building.  These are the times we are all together, and they allow us an opportunity to worship God together and think about God’s Word together. If you’ve never had contact with us at All Nations before, this is a great place to start. Everyone is welcome.

In the Sunday services we sing songs, pray, read from the Bible and have it explained. As we firmly trust in God’s Word, the Bible, the sermon will clearly explain and apply the passage for that day for us. We work our way through Old Testament, New Testament and topical passages, usually working systematically through a Bible book. This ensures that over time we hear the whole of what God has to say to us, and we don’t simply select the passages we want to hear from.

We have people of all ages at All Nations, including a large number of children.  If you are interested in what ministries we offer for your children during Sunday time, please look here. 


Most of the Bible study groups listed below study the same material as one another. This material is prepared in-house and links with the sermon the Sunday before the study. There are two aims to running our Bible studies this way. One is that we might all deepen in our understanding and application of our teaching each week; most of us get enough teaching input but don’t always apply it well. The second aim is that all groups, whenever they meet, might be united in what they study. This helps build our wider community together. Our current Bible study groups include:

  • Bible Café
  • South Bible Study
  • Women’s Group
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study
  • Saturday Easy English Bible Study
  • Sunday Afternoon Bible Study


We also have a vibrant youth group that meets every second Sunday afternoon at the church, beginning at 12noon until 2.00pm. Our meetings typically kick off with lunch (provided), a fun game or activity, followed by a time of Bible study and prayer. Everyone in Years 7-12 is welcome to join us!


Prayer is vitally important. We are dependent on God for everything, and we are very aware of this as a church. We pray regularly at our Bible study groups. There is also a central church prayer meeting once a quarter, giving us the opportunity to pray together corporately about what is important to us and the church.


Although we come from many different backgrounds and cultures, all the ministries at All Nations are in English. We realize that many are new to Australia and struggle with English. We run an extensive English programme to help people improve their English. We can usually offer a range of classes at different ability levels to cater for whoever comes along.

Although this is run by a church, there is no hard sell to believe what we believe – anyone is welcome to come along.  It is not a formal class but an opportunity to practice and improve your English in a friendly place with nice people. There is no charge for the classes. There will be a Bible study component in simple English after the classes, and the opportunity to find out more about Christianity if you are interested. More information about English classes can be found here.


We have some special events during the year in addition to our regular ministries:

We run occasional Evangelistic Talk nights on a topic that will be interesting to those who are not Christian. These are opportunities to explore the truth of Christianity for yourself.

We run occasional seminars on marriage and family issues. This helps our people to think through these issues from a Christian perspective and ask questions, learning from the Bible and one another.

We have an annual family camp, where we spend a weekend together learning from the Bible and enjoying each others’ company.

We have regular church lunches after church on Sundays where we enjoy a meal together.

We have occasional larger celebrations tied in with Christmas or to celebrate our diversity, opportunities to introduce friends to our church family in a relaxed environment.