Sermon Plan 2019


We have a regular pattern of preaching at All Nations that cycles through Old Testament, New Testament, and topical sermons. We also rotate through genres in the Bible, covering narratives, prophecy, wisdom and more. The aim is that over time we all receive a balanced diet from the Bible. In January, we always have a variety of sermons due to holidays. Our first major sermon series for the year will be the major prophet Isaiah with its major themes of God’s holiness, coming judgement and wonderful hope. This sermon plan goes to the end of April, including Easter which is an opportunity to look directly at God’s atonement for our sins in Jesus.


Preacher Text Second reading Title
6-Jan John McRae TBA    
13-Jan Simon Psalm 33 2 Pet 3:1-13 Shout for joy! We are God’s people!
20-Jan Peter TBA    
27-Jan Gordon TBA    
3-Feb Simon Isaiah 1 Rev 7:9-17 The true state of our hearts
10-Feb Simon Isaiah 2:1-4:6 1 Thess 1 The terror of the real God compared to alternatives
17-Feb Simon Isaiah 5:1-30 Matt 21:33-46 God’s vineyard
24-Feb Paulus Surya (Pulpit swap) TBA    
3-Mar Simon Isaiah 6 John 12:36b-43 Coming face to face with the holiness of God
10-Mar Simon Isaiah 7:1-17 Matt 1:18-25 Be firm in faith and not terrified
17-Mar Simon Isaiah 7:18-8:18 1 Thess 5:1-11 The right judgement of God
24-Mar Simon Isaiah 8:9-22 1 Peter 2:1-12 The stone of offence and the rock of stumbling
31-Mar Simon Isaiah 9:1-7 Matt 4:12-17 Jesus is the light in the darkness
7-Apr Simon Isaiah 9:8-10:19 1 Cor 10:1-14 Arrogance and destruction
14-Apr Simon Isaiah 10:20-12:6 Rev 5 The return of the remnant
19-Apr (Good Friday) Simon 2 Cor 5 Luke 23:26-56 One died for all
21-Apr (Easter Sunday) Simon Acts 17:22-34 Luke 24:1-12 Jesus is risen! Life will never be the same.
28-Apr Gordon TBA