Sermon Plan 2019


We have a regular pattern of preaching at All Nations that cycles through Old Testament, New Testament, and topical sermons. We also rotate through genres in the Bible, covering narratives, prophecy, wisdom and more. The aim is that over time we all receive a balanced diet from the Bible. From May, we are returning to the gospel of Matthew, where we left off last time in the middle of the Sermon on the Mount. We will also have a quick topical series on Christian fundamentals before returning to Ecclesiastes for a short series at the end of Term 3.

Tim is scheduled to arrive in June and will also be part of the preaching programme after that time.


Preacher Text Second reading Title
5-May Simon Matt 6:19-24 Josh 24:1-15 You cannot serve both God and money
12-May Simon Matt 6:25-34 Ps 23 Don’t be anxious about tomorrow
19-May Simon Matt 7:1-6 Ps 7 Judging and discernment
26-May Simon Matt 7:7-12 Ps 84 Ask and you will receive
2-June Simon Matt 7:13-14 Gen 6:1-8 It is a hard road to life
9-June Simon Matt 7:15-20 Jer 17:1-10 Christian trees bear Christian fruit
16-June Tim TBA    
23-June Simon Matt 7:21-29 Hos 8:1-10 Knowing God
30-June Simon Matt 8:1-17 Isaiah 53 Jesus the great healer
7-July Simon Matt 8:18-23 1 Kings 19:9-21 Following Jesus is not something to take lightly
14-July Tim TBA    
21-July Tim TBA    
28-July Simon Deut 6 2 Tim 3:14-17 The Bible can be trusted
4-Aug Simon Titus 1:5-16 Acts 15:1-21 What does ‘Presbyterian’ mean? Understanding church brands.
11-Aug Simon Eph 4:1-16 Ps 147 What does it look like to be part of a church?
18-Aug Tim TBA TBA Hospitality: an essential Christian lifestyle
25-Aug Simon Ecc 8:1-15 Phil 4:2-9 Living a joyful life in a wicked world
1-Sep Simon Ecc 8:16-9:18 Luke 13:1-5 There is much we don’t understand about the world, but be wise and enjoy life
8-Sep Simon Ecc 10:1-11:10 James 3:1-12 Rejoicing in the gift of life by having the right perspective
15-Sep Mark Vivian (pulpit swap)      
22-Sep Richard Bailey (camp)      
29-Sep Simon Ecc 12 1 Pet 2:11-25 Fear God and keep his commandments: this is the whole duty of man