You are most welcome to join us at either the morning or the afternoon service! Below you can find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What time is the afternoon service?

4:30PM on Sunday afternoons


Why did we start an afternoon service?

We recognize that not everyone is able to attend a service in the morning, so we are hoping this afternoon service can serve some who might not otherwise be able to make it to church on Sunday. We also hope that this service can allow others in our community to connect or reconnect with a local church. We are excited to have more people in our church use their gifts at this afternoon service.


What is happening with the morning service?

Our morning service will continue to meet on Sunday mornings at 10AM. We are not changing the morning service; we are just adding an afternoon service.


Will the morning and afternoon service be identical?

No. There will be similarities between the two services, but the afternoon service will not be a repeat of the morning service. Instead, the new service will follow a separate sermon series from the morning each week.


What should I expect if I visit the afternoon service?

The service will focus on singing a few songs, praying to God, and hearing God’s Word read and preached. We will typically try to finish the service within an hour. We value community, so there will also be time to fellowship together after the formal service is over.


I wouldn’t really call myself a “Christian.” Is it still okay if I visit your new service?

Absolutely! You do not have to be a Christian to come along.


I’m not a native English speaker. Will I be able to understand your service?

All Nations is a very multi-cultural church, with people from many different countries. This means that we try to do all of our activities—including the afternoon service—in easy English. We also provide printed notes of the sermon so you can follow along if this helps you.


I would like to visit your church. Which service should I attend?

You are most welcome to visit us for either the morning or the afternoon service (or both)! The morning service is larger and has separate activities for children. The afternoon service aims to have a more community feel and to reach those who find it difficult to attend church in the morning.


How can I find out more?

Feel free to call or email the church office for more information, or just come along for a visit!