About the blogger

I think it is important that internet content is not anonymous, so let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Simon van Bruchem, one of the pastors here at All Nations. I am the main preacher on Sundays at church. I am married with children and try to both live as a faithful Christian as well as helping others to understand Jesus and what He has done for them.

A brief introduction to this blog

This blog – Written for our instruction – is mainly made up of issues somehow related to things I am teaching at church in some form. Often I don’t have the opportunity to draw out the practical implications of something as much as I would like, and this blog gives me the opportunity to explore some side issues in more depth. I pray you find it useful and encouraging.

Technically I know it’s kind of a series of short Christian articles rather than a ‘blog’, for there are no comments enabled. This is intentional. This blog is an extension of the teaching ministry of the church and not a public debate forum. If you find any article here helpful, feel free to share the link to it with others.