The internet is a big and scary place. There is so much information that is useful, and so much that is useless.

The following links have proved to be helpful to some at our church and we commend them to you.

All Nations is part of the Westminster Presbyterian Church. If you would like to know a little more about our denomination, its history and organisation, and our sister churches, please visit

The Bible Gateway is a useful site, because you can easily look up any passage from the Bible in a number of different translations. You can also search for a particular word or phrase. And all this is provided for free! You can find it at

Bible software can be expensive, but e-sword is a great free Bible software package. It allows you to search the Bible in different languages and translations, while also giving you access to some basic commentaries. It can be downloaded from

Christians should be people who read. It is hard to find time to read in our busy culture, but a well-chosen book which helps you to think through some aspect of Christian living or understanding is a wonderful thing. There are many places you can find useful Christian resources on the internet; a few are listed below:

Koorong (Perth and Australia-wide)
Word (Perth)
Reformer’s Bookshop (Sydney)
Matthias Media (Sydney)
The Good Book Company
Christianbook (in the USA)