At All Nations Presbyterian Church (ANPC), we believe that world mission is important.  We use 10% of church income to support local and international missions. We receive regular updates from these mission organisations and we invite representatives to speak to the church about their work. ANPC currently supports 12 missions both financially and in prayer.

Bible League

This organisation works in many parts of the world to put Bibles and Bible study resources to people who can’t either afford or access these materials, including areas where the church is persecuted by authorities.

Sam B in Nepal

Samuel and Sharmila with their daughter Isabel are serving in Nepal with Nepal University Christian Fellowship to disciple young students who will go on to transform the society and nation by the power of the gospel. Their mission is part of Church Missionary Society.

Middle East Reformed Fellowship (MERF)

MERF is an evangelical Christian missionary organization which serves in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. MERF aims to strengthen national churches with ministries of evangelism, church extension, biblical training, and diaconal aid.



Mission to Peru

Access to ministry training and mentoring for church leaders in rural areas of Peru is almost impossible because they can’t leave their farms and families. Mike, Kerry and Megan Fischer will work to equip and train church leaders in these rural areas via internet-based courses, classes in different areas and 1-to-1 mentoring. 

Mustard Seed Orphanage

This orphanage cares for those affected by the difficult conditions in Burma, particularly women and children. The organisation has also been involved with training local pastors to work in their own communities.

Overseas Missionary Fellowship

David and Wendy Marshall and their three sons have been ministering in Japan providing support to other missionaries. David teaches at an international school for the children of missionary workers. Wendy is the editor of Japan Harvest, and reaches out to non-Christian Japanese women.

Pregnancy Problem House

This organisation does an incredible job in supporting women who are pregnant in crisis situations, such as domestic violence and unplanned pregnancies.

Shalom Science Institute

SSI is a Christian school in the Philippines providing quality education to children of Christian, non-Christian and Muslim background. It has been effective at bringing peace between Muslims and Christians.

Urban Coconuts

Tom and Margaret Richards have a passion for theological education and supporting Christian ministry in the least resourced parts of the world. They develop contextualised curriculum for Talua Theological Training Institute in Vanuatu and teach theology to the next generation of leaders. They also create electronic resources to engage a new generation of tech-savvy Christians. These ministries focus on the church’s needs, the character of contemporary Vanuatu, the nature of oral learners, and seek to glorify God by proclaiming his Son and teaching his word.

Trinity Theological College

Trinity Theological College is a non-denominational college in Perth. The College prepares people for Christian service in churches and other Christian ministries, as well as trains students to become pastors.



PPIA stands for Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Intervensi Awal, located in Batu Pahat, Johor, West Malaysia.

It is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with a Christian worldview catering for largely young clients with disabilities. PPIA hopes to change the lives of children and youth with intellectual challenges through education and training to help them progress in life.



Calvary Presbyterian Church – Brookton

The pioneering church of WPC Australia. It is a small congregation of local indigenous believers and Christians from other nearby wheatbelt towns.